Emilio Pucci - Print Turtleneck Top


Pucci began to develop light weight, wrinkle proof stretch fabrics. He was the only one, to use these kind of psychedelic prints, which resulted into the press crowning him as 'Prince of prints'. Pucci got his inspirations from exotic countries, such as Bali, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. His prints consisted of swirl, geometric figures, Bali batiks and African prints. He also got inspiration from his home-country, from Italian history to Mediterranean landscapes. This Emilio Pucci top features Pucci's classic and iconic swirl print in pink floral tones, famous wrinkle proof stretch fabric and flattering fit.

Wrinkle proof stretch fabric. Size S

*Every item is rare and carefully selected. Vintage items may have slight imperfections due to age and previous wear, please appreciate these items for their character.

Model is 5'7" and size 8